The Avo Club Avocados
The Avo Club Avocados
The Avo Club Avocados

Where it all began...

Introducing: The Avo Club! 

The faces behind The Avo Club

The early days: where it all started.

Hello Avocado lovers and welcome to the Avo Club blog! We wanted to give you a bit of the back story as to how The Avo Club came about. I’m Katrina Myers, and for nearly a decade my husband Tim and I have been running my family farm, Barham Avocados

The Avo Club is basically an expansion of what started as the Barham Avocados online shop about 9 years ago. 

When Tim and I moved back to take over my family farm and set up the Barham Avocados brand in early 2011, I had the idea to sell the avocados online. Back then, online shopping was only just beginning. Delivery took ages, and it wasn’t at all common for rural and regional business to have online shops. 

When we first started it was literally just email orders, which we’d work through manually! In 2011, it wasn’t easy to start an online shop and we had no idea how to set up our website to receive orders. We offered one off delivery and ongoing subscriptions so our customers could try all four varieties of our avocados. At this time, the growing season on our farmspanned about 6 months. 

Selling avocados online was a fairly novel idea back at the beginning of the decade, and because of this we received quite a lot of publicity in mainstream newspapers such as The Age. Of course, this was great… but without an online shop, it meant we were flooded with email orders which we had to work through manually (agh!).  

Gaining pace. 

People loved ordering avos online, and they grew to adore the avocados from our farm. But as we got to know our farming business better, our seasons actually got shorter. This was because we learnt that it was better for the trees to get the avocados off quickly rather than leaving them hanging and picking them slowly – which condensed our season into a much shorter four months. 

So, just while our subscription service was gaining momentum, our picking season was getting shorter – which was less than ideal for our customers, who wanted avos all year… not just for a third of it. 

We started to consider how we might be able to offer our customers avocados all year round… 

Enter: The Avo Club. 

Tim and I had been wondering if we could source avocados from other premium Australian growers, in order to offer our customers a genuinely, year-round subscription service that wasn’t hindered by our farm’s growing seasons. 

Then, at the start of this year, All Aussie Farmers approached us with an idea: if we could get the shop up and running again, they’d work with other growers from around Australia to ensure a year-round avocado offering. 

So, The Avo Club was born. 

It’s been so much fun to set this new service up, not least of all because it’s turned into a real family affair. At the helm is me and Tim, who are overseeing the business design and operation (plus pretty much all other aspects of the business as well). 

Steph (my cousin’s partner, who’s also employed here on the farm at Barham Avocados) has been working with me since the beginning to get the new website launched and is overseeing the day-to-day operations. She’s the one replying to your email enquiries and making sure your orders get delivered on time! 

My cousin Annabel (Steph’s sister-in-law), who’s originally from Melbourne, found herself in Barham during the Covid-19 lockdown – which turned out to be perfect timing for us! Annabel came on board to do all the branding and design work.  

My other cousin Caroline (Annabel’s sister), has been helping us with marketing and social media all the way from lock-down in Perth. 

And because we all know each other so well, it’s been so enjoyable working together to get The Avo Club off the ground! 

Looking ahead.  

One of the main aims of the Avo Club is to make sure that you never have to worry about brown avocados again. We know the pain of getting your avo home from the supermarket only to find it brown on the inside and we really wanted to solve that problem.

As growers, we know that the fruit doesn’t need to be like that. We know that there are beautiful farms all around Australia producing awesome avocados but by the time they’ve been transported and sit on supermarket shelves, have been poked and prodded by hundreds of different hands, they end up bruised and black. 

We know that by sending them straight to your door hard green, and just off the tree to ripen yourself, you won’t have that problem and you’ll always have perfect avos! 

So that’s our goal and we want to share as much avo love as possible. There’s going to be a monthly newsletter and blog and you can follow a long and we’re also on Insta and Facebook. 

Thanks for being part of the Avocado journey! 

Katrina and Tim Myers (and the rest of the family…) 

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