The Avo Club Avocados
The Avo Club Avocados
The Avo Club Avocados

Introducing the Reed Avocado. The BEST. AVO. EVER. Hands down.

We know that some of our customers wait patiently all year for December to come around. Messages start flooding our socials and inboxes in about September, with people tentatively asking, "When will the Reeds be ready?" But for anyone who's not familiar, let us introduce you to your new favourite avocado: the Reed.

The reed avocado disproves the old saying that bigger is not always better... because, in the case of the Reeds, bigger definitely is better.

Big, round and shaped like an emu egg, Reed avocados are deliciously creamy and rich in flavour.

Weighing in between 200 – 800 grams, the Reed is the largest of the avo varieties. It has thick green skin with slight pebbling, making it super easy to peel. Inside the flesh is deliciously creamy!

Reed avocados have such excellent texture and flavour that they are best eaten in their purest form. Try it on its own, or with just a squeeze of lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt.

How do you know when a Reed is ripe?

When a Reed is ripe it darkens in colour. It may also feel a little loose in its skin and almost rattle. It should also yield to gentle pressure.

They can ripen almost overnight, so be sure to check them daily for ripeness. However, if they are refrigerated immediately after ripening, they will keep extremely well for several days, as they are particularly hardy once refrigerated. Even after cutting, a Reed avocado can retain its freshness surprisingly well. Just keep the pit in the saved portion, run quickly under cold water and refrigerate. If you intend to only use a small amount of the avocado at a time, it can be advantageous to cut the Reeds vertically, rather than horizontally.

Okay, but if they're so good... why can't I buy them at the supermarket?

In Australia, 97% of avocado varieties grown are either Shepard or Hass, which is why you're most likely to find these avos in Woolies or Coles.

Of the remaining 3%, Reeds make up just a portion of different varieties grown. So, while they're delicious, they're not that common!

Righto, I'm convinced. How do I get my hands on some?

The Avo Club starts picking and packing avocados in early December, which times perfectly with Christmas and New Year. We source our Reeds from various farms across QLD and NSW, including our own Barham Avocados!

You can purchase a one-off tray, a subscription or a gift box of Reeds for someone else.

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