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The Avo Club Avocados

Hass – the world’s most popular avo

The Hass avocados are the most well-known avocado, making up 80% of total avocados grown worldwide, but what is it about the Hass that makes millennials abandon homeownership in favour of avos?

  1. The Hass has thick pebbly skin, so it handles travel and transit better than other varieties. Its skin also makes for a great little in-built bowl–perfect for scooping, cutting and snacks on the run.
  2. The tree is vigorous and high yielding and has a long harvest season. More avos - that’s a win for everyone.
  3. They change colour when they ripen–a built-in ripeness indicator takes all the guesswork out of picking a ripe avo.
  4. The blackish-purple skin hides most blemishes, so the Hass always looks that little more appealing.

Tips for ripening your Hass:

The Hass is the most robust of the avocado varieties, hence its popularity! When stored above 15 degrees the Hass will usually take 10-15 days to ripen, from the day it is picked from the tree.

The Hass will go a dark purple colour when ripe, which makes it a lot easier to tell when it’s ready to eat! It should also yield to gentle pressure.

What to do with your Hass:

The rich creamy texture and nutty flavour of the Hass makes it the perfect avocados for literally every application. We like ours best on toast, as guac or in a smoothie! Also wonderful for any choc-avo recipes such as brownies or mousses.

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