The Avo Club Avocados
The Avo Club Avocados
The Avo Club Avocados

Be surprised by the Sir Prize

This month the Avo Club are delivering Sir Prize avocados! The Sir Prize avos are a specialty variety grown by the Grove family from ‘The Nut Farm’ in Gympie, QLD!

The Sir Prize avocado is a Mexican hybrid and one of the youngest avocado varieties – first cultivated by the University of California in 1991! Sir Prize avocados ripen early in the season (now) and people love them for their excellent seed to flesh ratio (basically, a very small seed and lots of the good stuff you can eat), beautiful creamy texture and nutty flavour.

Tips for Ripening and Storing:

Similarly, to the Hass, Sir Prize avocados go dark purple when ready to eat, they should also yield to gentle pressure.

We recommend placing your avocados in a fruit bowl to ripen naturally, once ripe move your avocados to the fridge.

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